• The history of the FREIPLANA group comes from the 80’s where José Monteiro Freitas performed small works of land movement in an individual name.
  • In 1994, with the support of your son’s, António Henrique Freitas and Paulo Jorge Freitas, FREIPLANA – Empreiteiros de Obras Públicas, Lda. Was born, with the purpose of being a reference company in its area of ​​
  • With unparalleled management in the way it works and facing the challenges proposed, FREIPLANA, over the years, has perfected its work guaranteeing the total satisfaction of those who demand it.
  • FREIPLANA began activity almost without experience of biggest works, but quickly adapted and grew in the national market.
  • In 2008, as a sign of the constant pursuit of competitiveness and progress, it has seen its graphic image renewed, as well as being awarded as one of the 250 “PME Líder” companies, a distinction it has maintained since then. In the same year he sees his charter class raise to class 6.
  • In 2009, as a reinforcement of its work capacity, it obtained the national and international freight transport charter (community license) assigned by the IMT.
  • In 2014, in the year to commemorate its 20th anniversary, Freiplana opens doors to the international market, initiating activity of international freight transport with various specialties both for export and import.
  • In 2017, with the growth of the logistics market, FREILPANA reinforces FREIPLANA II – Transportes e Logística, Lda., A company dedicated exclusively to the best transportation and logistics solutions, with a wide range of services, adapting to the constant demands of the Marketplace.
  • Now and in the future, we seek to optimize work processes, continuing to deserve the recognition and constant trust deposited by its clients.


View – To be recognized as a company with professionals committed to seriously delivering the best service to our customers. To be recognized as leaders in the construction market in the areas where we operate, trying to maintain a responsible and serious attitude. Promote the correct management and reuse of construction and demolition waste, presenting a positive attitude in the management of the same. Regenerate all your professional activity based on your mission and values, encouraging their application individually.


Mission – To help our clients overcome the challenges posed to them through our know-how in the execution of the works, providing services and providing innovative solutions of high quality and great cost / benefit in the areas where we intervene.



Innovation | surprise by the constant innovation and value in the branches where we operate;

Honesty | guidelines and actions for ethical principles of integrity;

Excellence | ambitious objectives, adjusting all our competence and know-how to reach them.;

Confidence | the constant search to exceed expectations and transmit total confidence to our business partners

Social responsability | always act in a sustainable development area in social and environmental areas.